Bulletin Board Project

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Main Concepts

Multivariable Calculus, Vectors in Space, Vector-valued functions, Functions of several variables, Partial Derivatives, Multiple Integration


Exculsively out of class: 120-240 minutes

Summary of Activity

Every two weeks, a student or pair of students is responsible for decorating a bulletin board in the hallway with content from the recent topics discovered in the multivariable calculus class. Keeping in mind that almost everybody who will see the bulletin board is not equipped with the knowledge to understand the technical parts of the class (underclassmen, administrators, parents…), students face the challenge of communicating some elements of the course in a way that makes sense for the general public. Secondly, students are in charge of creating their own rubric for their work. The bulletin board is then peer-graded by all other students in the class and by the teacher, following the rubric created. Feedback is also provided by each person. The student/pair of student is then allowed to revisit and improve their bulletin board following guidance from the feedback received in order to perfect their work and increase their grade.


Notes and Insights

This activity was inspired by a section of the book “Visible Learners: Promoting Reggio-Inspired Approaches in All Schools” by Mara Krechevsky, Ben Mardell, Melissa Rivard, Daniel Wilson.