QR Codes Challenge

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Main Concepts


Derivatives and applications


40 minutes

Summary of Activity

In this activity, students solve official AP Calculus AB MCQ questions which lead them to various pieces of QR codes. If they collect the right pieces, they are able to get a link to two final questions and a last drawing puzzle. (Total: 10 MCQ questions with four answer choices)

Notes and Insights

This is a twist on the use of QR codes in class. Students will need scissors and probably adhesive tape. The cutting and taping has to be done very carefully for the QR codes to work. By using their smartphones, students can access the linked pages. If the QR code pieces are wrong (meaning they didn’t pick the right answer on at least one of the MCQ), then the QR code doesn’t lead to any page… or at least I hope so 😀

AP Calculus AB usually allocates 2 minutes per MCQ on the exam, but with the added activity, the activity takes about 40 minutes.

I used https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/ to create the QR codes.

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