My name is Vivian Robert. I come from Switzerland. I worked with the Swiss curriculum, the IB curriculum and the American curriculum. I’ve taught high school math in three different schools:

  • Lycée Jean-Piaget, Switzerland
  • American School of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Korea International School, Korea

Some of my screencasts can be found here for AP Calculus AB and Intro to Proofs.

AP Calculus AB: (a) Theory for volumes units 

                              (b) FRQ practice for the AP Calculus AB exam 

                              (c) Textbook exercises worked solutions for harder exercises in all sections

Intro to Proofs:   (a) Theory for logic unit

                              (b) A few additional sections of theory (cardinality of infinite sets…)

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Location of Korea International School

360o picture of my classroom (click-and-drag)